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Our Morning & Evening Detox to Support Your Gut Health Journey or Weigh Loss Goals.

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"Embark on a Flavorful Journey to Wellness with Gut Teas' Nutrient-Rich Blends."

30-Day Detox Tea

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There is a nexus between the gut microbiome and your overall health. Gut Teas is here to naturally support this symbiotic relationship.

Embrace the seasonal shift from summer to fall

"Transition from summer to fall with Gut Teas' Superfood Teas & Latte Blends. Invigorate, soothe, and detoxify your body while adding a natural glow to your wellbeing as the seasons change."

Support Gut Microbiome Health

Gut Teas supports gut microbiome health by formulating tea blends with specific ingredients known to nourish and balance the gut's microbial ecosystem.

Organic & Natural ingredients

We are committed to using only 100% organic herbs, plants, spices and superfoods. You won't find any 'natural flavors' or artificial sweeteners in our products.

Adaptogens & Mushrooms

By incorporating adaptogens and mushrooms into our unique tea blends, we offer a holistic approach to well-being, enhancing both physical and mental resilience